Document Administration

Simplify, gather, and attach all transaction documentation.

ZOOM SaaS Accounting


You may use the Auto-scan feature of Zoom SAAS Accounting to automatically collect data from your documents and transform it into an invoice, expenditure, bill, sales order, or purchase order.

Enhanced Interactions

A sophisticated document management system facilitates rapid communication and information access. Multiple places provide access to documents gathered from various sources. Electronic imaging facilitates document distribution through email or the Internet across a network. DMS enhances the visibility of organizational processes and may enable improved workflow monitoring. Access granted to external users may be controlled and monitored.

Email May Serve as Your Workstation

You and your contacts may instantly begin negotiations by sending files to the inbox. As soon as you do so, the file will be cleaned, and you will be able to utilize it to finish outstanding transactions.

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Transaction and File Synchronization

It is straightforward to match documents with transactions in your bank feed or to tie them to past transactions. You and your accountant will find it simple to keep track of your transactions now that you have documentation for your books.

Space For Storage Is Limited

Costs associated with paper document storage are rising in parallel with the price of commercial real estate. A software-based DMS might eliminate the requirement for file cabinets, boxes, and storage bins, liberating valuable office space. Paper documents are often kept in less costly places, such as an offsite warehouse or vault.

The Participation of Your Accountant Should be Improved

You may assist your accountant in understanding your cash transactions by including photographs of your receipts or banknotes. You may also save and share your tax records online with your accountant.

More Effective Backup and Disaster Recovery

Any document management system must include data backup and disaster recovery strategy. Adopting digital archiving as a backup safeguards paper records from fire, flood, and other natural calamities. When documents are stored in a DMS, they are highly traceable and may be located based on various criteria. Document tracking capabilities lessen the possibility of misfiling or losing read documents.

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Save, Prepare, and Acquire

Upload your documents to the cloud with little effort. See how simple it is to arrange things by dragging and dropping files into the correct folders, allowing folder-level access to other users, and more!

Higher Productivity

The DMS has the undeniable advantage of saving time, which often results in higher production. As a result of quicker and more efficient document retrieval, customer satisfaction and team morale may increase. Moreover, scalable document management systems may be adjusted to the evolving demands of any organization.