Customer Client Portal

You may use the client portal to enable customers to make bulk payments, discuss recent transactions, speed up the approval process for estimates , collect feedback, and more.

ZOOM SaaS Accounting

Levels of Contentment Experienced By Customers

It is essential to get input to identify the areas that need improvement. When advertising your company, publishing good comments on social networking sites is helpful.

The Approval Process for Estimates Needs to be Sped Up

Quotes may be discussed and traded with customers to speed up the approval process for estimates. Delete any email threads that are too long or take up too much of your time.

Increase the Degree to Which Something is Genuine

Use our relationship with ZOOM Signature to get quotes that your clients have digitally signed. You will be able to get genuine evidence of your agreements with your customers and provide them with the peace of mind they need if you use a more secure approval system.

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Facilitate the Procedure of Making Payments

Thanks to the gateway, your customers can make full or partial bulk online payments with just one click. Help them improve their ability to pay you so that you may be paid more quickly.

Increase the Number of Hours in Your Day

Put an end to being asked to provide copies of invoices, estimates, and other project-related information. Through the portal, your customers will have access to all of them.

You Will Get Notifications at the Moment to Keep You Up to Date

Get notified whenever a customer sees, approves, rejects, comments on, or pays for whatever you've sent them. There is no need for you to be concerned about the current state of payments that have not been received.

Consumers Should be Allowed to Exhibit Self-Control

Your customers can access a webpage where they may modify their personal information. It makes it easy for customers to print out and download previous transactions so that they may hand them out to the people they transacted business with.

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