Vendor Portal

Utilize our vendor portal to empower your merchants to manage their connections with you.

ZOOM SaaS Accounting

Reduce the number of useless calls and emails.

Because it enables your suppliers to manage all aspects of your transactions on their own, the vendor portal’s principal advantage is that it does away with the need for long phone conversations and email exchanges, both of which were previously necessary.

Notifications keep you informed.

Receive notifications when suppliers examine your transactions and provide feedback on your paperwork.

Assists in streamlining operations

Vendor portals may accelerate this process. The capacity of B2B enterprises to monitor their suppliers and collect consistent data may be considerably enhanced by standardized procedures.
A portal may assist with vendor onboarding, invites, documentation modifications, and performance evaluations, ensuring that duties such as data collecting are performed uniformly across several vendor agreements.

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Vendor invoices should be included in bills.

Direct invoices from your supplier may be uploaded to the site and imported into Zoom SAAS Accounting. Keep track of them after they have been paid off.

Offers Self-Service Choices

Vendor portals are self-service platforms that enable suppliers to log in, review their orders, check the real-time progress of those orders, submit invoices, and do other pertinent duties independently.

Notify merchants of transactions.

Your suppliers may be updated on the status of payments received via the website without contacting you.

Purchase order

Utilizing this program makes the process of generating purchase orders a straightforward task. Not only does Zoom SAAS Accounting maintain a record of every transaction that is made in your shop, but it also allows you to quickly print invoices for those sales by just pressing a button. This feature alone makes Zoom SAAS Accounting an invaluable tool for any retailer. In addition, you should maintain a record of every transaction inside your shop.

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telecom expenses

Make sure that you take notes on every part of the transaction.

If you use Zoom SAAS Accounting, it will be much easier for you to prevent any potential transactional problems that could appear in the future. Not only do our buy orders include the amount that has been agreed upon with the supplier, but they also include the specifications of any other products obtained via that source simultaneously.

To ensure that your purchase orders can be converted into invoices, it is essential that you carry out the necessary steps.

While dealing with a supplier, it is possible to make speedy adjustments to purchase orders or invoices.

Include any pertinent files as attachments to provide further context for the conversation.

Invoices tied to purchase orders should include any receipts, bills, or other files relevant to the transaction attached to them.

Find out as much information as possible about the things you purchase and their components.

By applying real-time analytics to your purchase history, you will get insight into which businesses are your most essential suppliers and which products you purchase the most often. You may also find out which firms give the most enticing discounts.

Make the necessary alterations to the already-existing purchase orders and then update those orders to reflect the changes.

Create buy orders that are exclusively accessible to your company and ensure that your company's logo is included on each purchase order you create. You have a choice in the font, the option to alter the color of the backdrop, the opportunity to add a photo to the backdrop, and many other customization possibilities at your disposal.

If we can get things done faster and more efficiently by cooperating, we can do more in the same amount of time.

Purchase orders may be emailed, printed, or copied to make the working process more streamlined and the fulfillment of duties more quickly achieved.

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