It is unnecessary to commit a certain number of hours to the estimating and billing processes. When you use ZOOM SAAS Accounting, developing estimations takes a few seconds of your time. After they have been approved, all it takes is a click to turn them into invoices.

ZOOM SaaS Accounting


You may enhance the accuracy of estimates you create while you’re on the go by including data from ZOOM SAAS Accounting, such as customer contact information, item descriptions, and prices. When a contract is finalized, it doesn’t matter where you are; you need to send quotations immediately.


To generate estimates that are true to your company's identity, choose one of the templates that may be customised and included in the portfolio. When using ZOOM SAAS Accounting, you have unrestricted freedom of expression in terms of the appearance of your templates.

Additional Safeguards

Before submitting estimates to clients for approval, they should first be digitally signed using the integration provided by Free Accounting Software. This will increase the overall security of the documents.

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You should avoid long phone or email interactions when negotiating or fulfilling contracts. Send estimates to clients through the client portal, have those estimates approved, and communicate with consumers in real-time.


Using the estimate history feature, you can record and monitor details such as discounts, talks, and progress for each estimate. In addition, ZOOM SAAS Accounting will alert you whenever a customer validates an estimate or makes a note in their account.


As soon as a customer approves an estimate, it would help if you immediately created an invoice for them. With our software that generates estimates and invoices, you won't have to re-enter the same information; instead, you can move straight from making estimates to creating invoices.

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Accept Advance Deposits and Payments

Maintain a record of the bills for retainers and other upfront payments, and then send the client an invoice after the contract is finished.

Handle Refunds and Returns

Credit notes may be used to keep track of customers’ refunds and returns, and they can also be used for customers’ further purchases of your products.