Vendor Portal

Utilize our vendor portal to empower your merchants to manage their connections with you.

ZOOM SaaS Accounting

Reduce the number of useless calls and emails.

Because it enables your suppliers to manage all aspects of your transactions on their own, the vendor portal’s principal advantage is that it does away with the need for long phone conversations and email exchanges, both of which were previously necessary.

Notifications keep you informed.

Receive notifications when suppliers examine your transactions and provide feedback on your paperwork.

Assists in streamlining operations

Vendor portals may accelerate this process. The capacity of B2B enterprises to monitor their suppliers and collect consistent data may be considerably enhanced by standardized procedures.
A portal may assist with vendor onboarding, invites, documentation modifications, and performance evaluations, ensuring that duties such as data collecting are performed uniformly across several vendor agreements.

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Vendor invoices should be included in bills.

Direct invoices from your supplier may be uploaded to the site and imported into Zoom SAAS Accounting. Keep track of them after they have been paid off.

Offers Self-Service Choices

Vendor portals are self-service platforms that enable suppliers to log in, review their orders, check the real-time progress of those orders, submit invoices, and do other pertinent duties independently.

Notify merchants of transactions.

Your suppliers may be updated on the status of payments received via the website without contacting you.

It is possible to get instant updates to information.

These portals also enable customers to update their information, such as contact information, immediately, avoiding providers needing to contact buyers directly to update this information. This is a crucial component that streamlines operations and eliminates the administrative burden that would otherwise be necessary for the absence of a vendor portal.

telecom expenses
telecom expenses

Allowing suppliers to see invoices

The site's statement module provides suppliers with a consolidated picture of all their transactions with you in one location.

Enhances productivity and visibility

Without automation, getting visibility into a company's business division may be challenging. Sometimes, there may be no visibility until an invoice is physically received, evaluated, and entered into the system.

Automatic Notifications Enhance Dependability

Due to the usage of a gateway to set up automated reminders for important dates such as code of conduct collection and certificate expiry, these days will no longer be forgotten. This lowers the need for employees to remember and monitor dates and ensures that all necessary parties are notified on time to prevent procedure delays.