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We provide you with a single, comprehensive support desk to make it possible for your invoice system to function effectively and systematically. In this particular module, we will discuss the impactful working of our software and how we can make your invoices work professionally in all spheres


Sales Invoice

In this specific module, we are presenting you with the step by step guide that how we create effective sales invoices for your business. Here you can easily add new items with new customers and new payments anytime whenever you require.

Let's have a glance at the step-by-step Functioning of zoom accounting

Web based shopping

Web-based shopping

When you send a bill to a consumer, the following step is to collect payment from them. The lack of an easy payment option for clients might make collecting dues or other fees difficult. It is possible to integrate your accounting software with various online payment processors, giving your clients a convenient and secure payment method. When customers make a purchase, your payment gateway will record the transaction and file it in the appropriate invoice in your accounting software. Moreover, they provide several methods of payment to their clientele, such as wire transfers, debit and credit cards, and even PayPal.

Cost control

Keeping tabs on your expenditures is crucial for managing your cash flow. With the help of accounting software, you can easily keep tabs on your spending and organize it to reveal where your money is going. Expense receipts may be scanned and sent to accounting software to have the corresponding data entered automatically. This eliminates the problems associated with paper receipts, such as losing them. With the help of accounting software, it is much less of a hassle to bill customers for the money you spend on their behalf.

Comparison of financial institutions

Comparison of financial institutions.

Accounting software streamlines one of the essential accounting tasks, bank reconciliation. Once you link your bank account to your bookkeeping program, your bank feed statements will be downloaded automatically into your accounts. Imported bank transactions may be automatically categorized and matched based on your accounting software’s criteria and the bank’s requirements. You need to verify your identical transactions to complete your account reconciliation. In addition to streamlining bank reconciliation, accounting software ensures that your business is audit-ready all year.

Project management and timesheet administration

Timesheets are essential to any comprehensive accounting software since they allow you to charge customers based on the time spent on a project. Timesheets let you keep track of your time, expenses, and revenue for internal and external invoicing purposes. By keeping track of the time spent on various projects, accounting software may help ensure that you are neither overcharging nor undercharging your customers. To avoid misunderstandings, you might have clients verify your time entries before billing them. When a project is complete, you can use the timesheets to compare the actual hours spent to the planned amount. This will help with budgeting and scheduling in the future.
Project management and timesheet administration