Sales Invoices

In this specific module, we are presenting you with the step by step guide that how we create effective sales invoices for your business

 Here you can easily add new items with new customers and new payments anytime whenever you require

 Through our accounting software, you can easily add information, import data, and import sales invoices on this page

What are the contents and format of our ideal sales invoice?

  • A header with the business name and logo

Our software will provide the name of your company and its logo at the very top of the accounting page every time.

  • Invoice Sr number

Here the sr of the invoice will be auto-generated, also you can add sr. manually as well.

  • Customer Name

Choose a customer here to create sales invoices. You may also add new customers here

  • Email address

If you have already written the email in the customer account, it will appear here automatically when you choose the customer. Here, you can modify the email

  • Terms(Days)

The terms (Days) will automatically appear here as you pick the client if you have specified them in the customer account. You can modify the terms here (Days).

  • Due Date

The due date will be set automatically as you write the Terms (days)

How we help in smart and innovative invoicing 

  • Select from many invoice templates following your company’s demands.
  • Helps one create and add fields to an invoice according to their company needs.
  • Fills in client and item information automatically on the invoice
  • Makes it possible to quickly seek up HSN codes to check for mistakes.
  • Keeps up with the most recent government laws and is future-proof
  • Enables quick and simple document exchange with consumers
  • Receive instant access to e-way bills, e-invoicing, and GST

Let’s have a glance at the step-by-step Functioning  of zoom accounting

  •  How to create a Sales Invoice
Sales Invoice
  • On the left sidebar, select the Sales invoice module.
  • Either select Generate Invoice from the menu options or press Alt+N.
  • A window will appear, fill in all the desired information and then click on the save tab
  • Your invoice will be created easily 
  •    How to create the credit note
credit note
  • Click on the invoices written on the left sidebar.
  •    Select the credit note option and you will get a form window to appear 
  • Fill in the all essential details accordingly as asked 
  • You can add new lines by clicking on the add new lines and your particular new lines will be created
  • In case, if you want to display a message on the credit note or the statement, you can easily write them in the boxes given below the add new lines option, and your messages will be written as a draft
  • After filling in the details, click on the save and send button. Your whole information will be saved and sent to the one whom you want to receive it
  • How to create a sales receipt 

To make sales receipt vouchers, utilize this module.

Here, you may add new clients and the Cash ledger, a new bank ledger.

sales receipt
  • Choose the “Invoice” option from the left sidebar by clicking there.
  • Choose the sales receipt option listed under this category.
  • You can input the details in a window that will display.

            Insert the requested information in the window as directed.

  • If you wish to include a message on the invoice and the statement, you can do it quickly by choosing the boxes that say “Message on Invoice” and “Message on Statement,” respectively, below the table.
  • In the bottom right corner, choose the tax rate you want to include.
  • Choose the save and new option after filling out the necessary information. Your sale receipt will be available immediately.
  • How to create a Recurring receipt 

The consumer receives recurring invoices regularly. They often arrive once a month.

 Recurring receipt 
  • Click on the “Invoice” option on the left sidebar to choose it.
  • Choose the option for Incurring receipt that is provided under this heading.
  • The information can be entered in the window that appears.

When instructed, enter the needed data in the window.

  • By selecting the boxes that say “Message on Invoice” and “Message on Statement,” respectively, below the table, you can easily add a message to both the invoice and the statement.
  • By choosing the choose file option, you may upload a desired accounting file or a record of transactions.
  • Choose the tax rate you wish to include in the bottom right corner.
  • After entering the required data, select the save and new options below. You will have quick access to your incurring receipt 
  • How to create Statement 

Here in this step, you can easily get access to your balance statement sheet by following the below given steps

create Statement 
  • Choose the category for invoices by clicking on the left sidebar.
  • Choose the option “Create a statement” to produce your accounting statement
  • According to the data from your company, fill out the requested information in the pop-up box
  • By selecting the “Items per page” option provided below the table, you may choose the number of certain items
  • After these steps, you may click the “Save and New” button, and an automatic account statement will be generated
  • Customer Overview

In this particular module, you can have easy and clear access to your all customers by following the below-given steps

Customer Overview
  • Choose the invoices category by clicking on the left sidebar.
  • Choose the “Customer Overview” option to view all of the customer’s information.
  • According to the data from your firm, fill out the requested information in the pop-up box.
  • This page makes it simple to learn about a customer’s unbilled activities, past-due bills, active invoices, and recent payments.
  • By selecting the New Customers option located on the upper right side of the screen, you may get information about new clients.
  • Also, by selecting the Customer Type option in the upper right-hand corner, you may discover more about various kinds of consumers.
  • How to create Sales Invoice Listings

Here you will get to know in what way you can create the listings of the sales invoice. Follow the below-given steps

  • To track the sales for your business and add other crucial elements, click on the “Sales Invoice Listings”
  • By selecting the “Show” option in the upper right corner above the sales graph and selecting a certain time of sales generation, you may examine the sales according to a particular sort of time
  • You may add other components, such as a client, estimate, invoice, supplier, payment, and pay bills, by selecting the “Shortcuts” option just below the sales graph
  • By selecting the “See Reports” option provided at the end of the Shortcut box, you can simply examine the sales reports
  • Sales transactions 

In this particular page you can view the all sales transactions done within your company by your customers

Sales transactions
  • Click on the Sales Tranactions option under invoice category.
  • After this, you will get an access to view all the desired transactions of sale .
  • You can also import transactions by clicking on the above right corner and selecting the “Import Transactions” option

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