• Click on the left sidebar and select the banking category
  • Under this category, click on the “Banking” option and a page will appear on your screen
  • From this page after uploading your company’s transactions of accounting report, you can easily check your company’s progress.
  • After reading the given information, you will get your company’s growth report automatically

Banking Tag

  • Under the Banking category, select the “Banking Tag” option
  • You can easily give a tag to any bank group or any other transaction to identify it smoothly
  • On the top right side, you can click on the ‘New’ tab and select any tag or tag group.
  • From the ‘Action’ option you can easily tag any of them as per your choice


  • Under the Banking category, select the “Deposit” option
  • From this option, you can easily make deposits to your desired bank after filling out the required information.
  • After filling the all given columns, you may also add any text in the “Memo” option 
  • And further you can easily save and send by clicking on the bottom right corner


  • Under the Banking category, select the “Credit” option
  • Record payments made to your balance window will appear. You can fill in the required information
  • In attachments, you can add any specific accounting document or detail of your company
  • After clicking save and send your credit information will easily be saved and sent automatically to the desired person

Credit card credit

  • By clicking on the Credit card credit option, an informative window will appear you can fill in the required information there
  • You can easily add a new record by selecting ‘New Lines’ 
  • You can also add any message in the box below ‘Memo’
  • After clicking save and send, your whole accounting information will be saved automatically

Choose Bank

  • From this window, you can easily add any desired bank
  • By putting the URL of the desired bank new bank will be added automatically

Linked Account

  • Here on this page, you can have a display of your all linked accounts

Need Consent to connect

  • Here you can give consent/permission to link your account with a specific bank
  • After choosing the ‘Agree’ option, you will easily agree with the terms and conditions of that bank

Connect Amazon Business account

  • This page will be beneficial to your company because you can create a new amazon account 
  • You can easily connect your bank on this particular page to amazon

App Transaction

  • From this module, you can have a look at the banks through which you have made all transactions
  • This will be automatically saved in the software itself

Banking Receipts

  • You can set banking receipts from this module
  • By clicking on the ‘Set up receipt forwarding’ you can forward the receipt to the respective person 

Bank Account Transactions

  • Here you can view the transactions made by your company
  • By clicking on ‘Add Transactions’, you can add transactions as well

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